The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act or UIGEA has crippled internet poker websites in the United States. Not only did it prohibit and tore down all forms of digital gambling and US online poker sites, but it made a moratorium for poker players inside the US to participate in online poker. Hope, however, is not lost.
Taking the damaging blow head-on, some internet casinos and poker websites managed to circumvent the UIGEA and take advantage of several loopholes. Fortunately for you, there is no need to concern yourself with what these loopholes are or how they work. What’s important is that the cessation for Internet poker in the US is far from absolute. To prove this, here are three poker rooms that still operate and accept players from inside the US of A.

Poker Stars

This website is quite literal about the word “stars” on its brand name. The reason behind that lies on the renowned gamblers, “poker stars,” that play on this website. These huge names include three out of four main even champions from the World Poker Series; Greg Raymer, Chris Moneymaker and Joe Hachem.
This room is in fact one of the largest brands on the game, and it’s very fortunate that they found a way to keep US poker players seated by the table.

Absolute Poker

Being one of the longest standing poker websites that operated on the United States, Absolute Poker definitely stuck. This website managed to skirt around the inconveniences brought upon by the UIGEA, thereby allowing US player to still chip in in the games. Although this website isn’t the most influential place out there, it certainly has done a great push to the US market. Moreover, Absolute Poker has the best tournaments online which many US players have responded well to. This website might not be the biggest shark in the ocean, but it still isn’t to be taken lightly.

BoDog Poker

BoDog is perhaps the biggest brand when it comes down to Internet poker. As a matter of fact, BoDog has been featured several times in the Forbes magazine. Ever since the delivery of UIGEA, BoDog has been climbing the ranks and quickly becoming the largest player in the digital poker market in the US.
Even after US have decided to be judge, jury and executioner to online poker, some took it to themselves to fight back. The people behind these websites have amazing guts to take on such a big opponent.